Posted by Teresa Marie on

“Getting your beauty sleep” is one of the most common sayings out there, but most people don’t realize that it’s just not a saying-- getting your beauty sleep is one of the most important steps to your skincare routine. Surprised?

Here are the reasons why beauty sleep is very real and very important.

1. Collagen is the protein that keeps you looking young. When we’re children, we produce a ton of collagen. That’s why kids have those plump, rosy red cheeks that you just want to eat up!

Unfortunately, as we get older, our collagen production begins to decrease, and that’s where wrinkles come in. Your skin loses collagen and where that collagen used to be, wrinkles form.

A decrease in collagen production can begin as early as your twenties, but here’s the good news: We produce collagen while we sleep! That means that if you’re getting a solid 8 hours of “beauty sleep” every night, you actually are getting more beautiful while you sleep! You’re helping your skin produce collagen and ward off wrinkles.

Another important way to stimulate collagen production is by using Pura Organics Firming Night Moisturizer. Our moisturizer features all-natural ingredients that are proven to stimulate collagen production in your 20s and beyond.


2. I think it goes without saying that when you sleep more, your eyes are noticeably less puffy. Puffy eyes are one of the first, most noticeable signs you’ll see after waking up, which is why it’s such a stressor for women trying to slow down the aging process.

To combat puffy eyes, stay hydrated throughout the day, get your beauty sleep, and try the Pura Organics Under Eye Tightening Gel. Our unique gel formula instantly cools the skin to help eliminate puffiness while you sleep, and tightens the eyes while you sleep to stop the onset of crow’s feet.


 3. You know what you look like after a poor night’s sleep. You may think it’s just because you’re tired, but there’s actually more to it than that.

Because you deprived your body of sleep, you deprived your body of the time it needed to repair certain processes- like proper blood flow to your face, which makes you look more tired. Not allowing your body the time it needs to repair itself can lead to much bigger, more prominent aging problems in the future.

If you want to start preventing the aging process now, sleep more, try to eat healthy consistently and join the Pura Organics family!