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Pura Organics Prevent Aging with Sunscreen

Does the sun actually cause wrinkles? Do I really have to wear sunscreen when it's cloudy? At what age should I start applying sunscreen?

Take a deep breathe. We're here for you! There are a lot of rumors and myths regarding using sunscreen and aging. Here's my advice:

1. Can the sun actually cause wrinkles?

Yes, the sun can cause wrinkles. There have been some studies that the sun accounts for 60-70% of visible signs of aging. Relax, you can still go outside! Just make sure to always apply SPF in the morning (we're working on something with SPF here at Pura Organics - stay tuned!). There are other ways to prevent wrinkles such as, using a collagen booster, product with (naturally derived) retinol, making sure to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, plus many other things. When you're first starting out, using SPF is a step in the right direction.

2. Should I use sunscreen when it's cloudy?

Shockingly... yes! There have been several studies that clouds only block 20-30% of the suns rays, so you could very easily still attract 70-80% of the suns rays. 

3. At what age should I start applying sunscreen daily?

Another great question! From the time you're a baby to now... you should apply sunscreen. The sun can cause wrinkles, age spots, cancer, and so much more.

Applying sunscreen daily is essential to maintaining your gorgeous, youthful skin! When it comes to skincare, this is one thing (along with always removing your makeup at night!) you should do daily for the rest of your life.