Why Sheet Masks Should Be Your New Summer Obsession

Posted by Teresa Marie on

Listen, I used to be the queen of any mask I could get my hands on. I’d try any and all of them, so long as they promised magical results for my skin. But there was one part of the face mask process that I absolutely hated- the removal. Seriously, I would put a mask on and then dread when the timer would go off and I’d have to remove it. With more abrasive masks, removing it meant lots of redness and pain. Most of the time, I wondered if the mask could even do anything after I had spent 20 minutes roughly scrubbing my face to remove it. 

Then, I learned about a new concept that was quickly becoming a beauty industry sensation- the sheet mask. 

As much as I loved face masks before, sheet masks really changed my skincare life. Suddenly, I learned that putting on a mask could be an actual relaxing process. When it was time for the mask to come off, it simply peeled off. There was no abrasive scrubbing, no redness. It was glorious and I was addicted. So what did I do? I ordered them in bulk, of course.


Before I knew it, sheet masks had become a part of my nightly routine. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, here are the reasons why I fell in love with them, and why you should try them:

1. They're instantly relaxing 

When you put a sheet mask on, it has an instantly cooling feature that relaxes your face immediately. Especially in the summer, the cooling sensation is so relaxing. You’ll put that sheet mask on and it will melt every thought and worry in your brain away. If you’ve had a long day at work or school, applying a sheet mask is a great way to decompress while also doing something good for your skin!

2. You can target them to your needs

Regular face masks aren’t as targeted to specific skincare problems you might have. For example, if you want your skin to be brighter, it’s tough to find a standard face mask that does it. But sheet masks each have specific purposes. Whether you’re looking to clear up acne or just want to breathe some life back into your face, you can find a sheet mask that fits your needs.

3. They actually work

Look, I was skeptical about whether or not these masks were actually doing anything. It’d be easy to just soak a face mask in water and sell it, right? But within a week of using them, I was getting compliments about how my skin had a new life to it. People wanted to know what I was doing, and that was the only difference in my routine!


These are just the reasons that I use sheet masks. Have you ever used them? If so, why do you love them? If not, what are you waiting for?